Tips to make your small apartment appear larger

Apartment living has become the go-to option for many people – gone are the days where apartments were looked at as student dwellings or bachelor living options. The benefits of having a low-maintenance property with a lock-up-and-go feel to it cannot be understated. However, one common struggles that come to the fore is space.

We’ve put together some tips on how to make any small space feel bigger, so if you’re feeling like the walls are closing in on you, here’s how to make a change!

In Living Colour

Colours have a huge impact on the way we feel about a particular space. Some colours give the illusion of depth therefore making an area appear larger than what it is. Avoid dark, moody tones on walls unless you’re perhaps painting one panel as a feature. Light colours painted from the walls to the ceiling will also create the impression of extra height.

Feature Furniture

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use minute-sized furniture if you live in a smaller space. However, you need to be mindful of the furniture’s ‘chunkyness’ – the less bulk you have the better. For example, a sleek L-shaped couch works well as a living room seating solution as opposed to having 4 single seater couches. Another little trick is to place your furniture pieces a few centimetres away from the walls.

It’s All in the Décor 

Fewer, large accessories work well so avoid smaller décor items hoping that it won’t clutter your space. Use the size of a sweet melon as a reference – anything smaller than that should stay in the stores. However, if you do favour smaller décor items such as candles, we suggest grouping three items together of a similar shade or style. Statement wall features such as photographs or paintings are a great idea because it gives your apartment one or two focal points. Mirrors and glass features are also clever to create the illusion of depth or extra space.

Clever Storage Solutions

We’re talking floating shelves, hollow ottomans and lid-desks! It’s always recommended to have less on display so try to store away things that could add extra bulk to your space. Store away little things that can crowd your living area or counter space such as remotes, cables, pens, keys etc.

Light Up Your World

It’s imperative to spread light around your apartment evenly. A balanced lighting solution is key to faking an extended space. Opt for sleek pendant hanging lights or standing floor lamps rather than lamps on stands or cabinets because it’s recommended that you use the vertical space available.

Plant Life

Never doubt the effect that plants have in any space – large or small! Greenery adds a pop of colour and blurs the lines between and indoor and outdoor living space. Definitely place plants close to doorways or windows for an impactful presence.

Don’t let the square meterage of an apartment turn you off. There are ways to decorate your interior that extend the area and create the illusion of extra space. Follow our tips and you’ll have a comfortable home in no time!