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Infused with pose, presence and property perfection, the Berman Brothers effortlessly claim the title deed to the event of the year! This legacy event welcomed esteemed guests to the perfection of The Estate’s penthouse, which presented us with breathtakingly unobstructed views, of this world-class South African city.

The best way to predict the future is to create it and without fail the Berman Brothers continue to illuminate the ideal future of living on the Atlantic Seaboard. In celebrating 24 years of excellence, it is no wonder that joining Paul and Saul was a must on any year’s calendar. The evening showcased the futuristic fascination of the chapter that is to come and the developments that will soar above the high standard already set by the brothers.



Gripped to every gesture, smile and word, the room sat in gleeful awe as Paul and Saul spoke about their evergrowing book of experience. As always their experience reverberated through the room and the applause echoed the excitement for the launch of Strand Beach, The Berman Portfolio Property Cafe (a first-of-it’s kind) and the surprise sneak preview of Kings – the latest in the Berman portfolio.

Business partners and friends opened the evening with speeches and a toast in this digitally-led evening. Ciaran Whelan, who is currently Global Joint Head of the Specialist Bank and Global Head of Private Banking, as well as an executive director of the Investec Group Board, spoke about investing with the Berman Brothers. After 16 years of continued support from Investec and his long-standing relationship with both Paul and Saul, Ciaran is confident that investing with the Berman’s is always the right choice. He emphasized that albeit the brothers are successful businessmen and developers, it is their strength of character and the relationships they have built in their career that makes business with them a pleasure.

Aidan Hart from InHouse Design studio emphasized that his relationship with the Berman’s on projects like Strand Beach, have allowed for design ingenuity and resulted in a design marvel. Further, he spoke highly of the important relationship that he has enjoyed with the brothers and that the quality of the work that InHouse and Berman have created is seen in projects like The Next Step, which continue to redefine the industry. The Next Step focuses on helping clients complete their homes with a specialized, world-class customer after-sales care. Aidan emphasized that buying your home was the first step in your journey with the Bermans!

To toast to 24 years of continued dedication and excellence, Hendrik Kotze – Director and Head of Property & Real Estate Practise in the Western Cape at Werksman Attorneys – ended the digital presentations with an enduring moment about the legacy that the Berman’s continue to leave. His belief in them as people and his unwavering confidence in their business will see him working with them as long as he can.

The evening represented a proud moment for the entire BBG team and the excitement of the journey to come. The brothers continue to be involved entirely with the team, the projects and the goals they have set. Their legacy which is deeply entrenched in those around them continues to illuminate their involvement in every facet of their business making them the industry leaders they are. Their family and the BBG team (who are the extended family to both Paul and Saul), their business partners and investors who continue to see the strides they are making in the Atlantic Seaboard, celebrated together and toasted to experiencing excellence with Berman Brothers.

We invite you to experience excellence with the Berman Brothers. Find out more about Strand Beach, The Kings and The Estate here.