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Some people prefer to live in an apartment for the additional security
Many houses and apartments come equipped with security systems and high-tech features designed to keep the occupants safe. In a country like South Africa where security is always a concern, additional measures are always welcome and apartment blocks provide this added security – making them an increasingly popular choice for buyers.

Most of Berman Brothers’ developments are designed from the ground up to incorporate and integrate the best security features available. Advanced alarm systems and the latest in home security technology has been incorporated into each apartment at The Estate – the Berman Brothers’ flagship development.

Keypad entry, electric three-lever locks on the doors and biometric access control come standard, as well as high definition CCTV and a securely monitored perimeter by trained security personnel.

Apartment blocks inherently have more security than freehold houses. Besides the ground floor units, the rest cannot be accessed from the outside as they are too high – meaning that burglars would have to gain access by entering the apartment block first. This is a near-impossible task with most blocks being guarded by security and CCTV.

Having your neighbours live in close proximity also means that there are more eyes keeping a lookout and, if you are away, more chance of your neighbours hearing someone trying to access your apartment. If you are in any danger, your neighbours are often only a few steps away and can quickly help.

Apartment blocks often have a central concierge with security on-hand 24 hours a day. This constant security presence is a major deterrent to criminals who would rather target unguarded properties.

Another security benefit of living in an apartment block is that the cost of expensive systems, such as electric fences and external motion detectors, are divided by all the residents. The body corporate will ensure that each unit contributes towards the collective security measures needed, making it cheaper than having to pay for them by yourself if you lived in a freehold house. The cost of employing security personnel is also split between all the residents.

Living in an apartment generally comes with lower monthly expenses and less anxiety. Having helpful neighbours nearby is always a stress-reliever, especially in emergency situations. So consider these factors when looking for a new home. The additional security that comes with living in an apartment block may be a major influence on your decision.


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