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Over half a century later, Malcolm X’s powerful words still ring true.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Those who succeed without formal education are few and far between, and in order to give the next generation the best shot at success, they need the best education. However, with a limited number of high-performing schools, and a finite number of openings at each of those every year, it’s not as simple as just enrolling your child at the institution of your choice. Annual matric results provide a helpful guideline and with those and a few other statistics we’ve outlined the top school districts across the country below.

Concerning pure academics (based on the number of distinctions per matric pupil), the news is good for Cape Town residents where five of the top 10 are found, the full list is below,

  1. Herschel Girls’ School
  2. Springfield Convent Senior School
  3. Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhoef
  4. Rustenburg Girls’ High School
  5. Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool
  6. Star College Durban
  7. Michael Oak Waldorf School
  8. Al-Falaah College
  9. Inkamana High School
  10. Westerford High School

Kevin Jacobs, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Premier in Claremont, advises that many buyers being investigating their options either at the beginning or end of the school year, in the hopes of avoiding transferring their children mid-year. One of Cape Town’s top districts, Claremont, is home to several top-performing schools including Herschel Girls Senior School and Bishops, and nearby Rondebosch has as many options. He suggests the third-quarter of the year as the ideal time to start looking at properties, “this tends to be the best time to find a home if you’re hoping to enrol your child in a new school for the following school year,”

Up north, Johannesburg’s northern suburbs hold promise. “Blessed with a number of good schools, families and investors are flocking to these suburbs. Upper Houghton and Houghton Estate currently have a booming high-end rental and sales market; partly because of their proximity to the commercial hubs of Johannesburg, but also because of the surrounding schools such as King Edward VII and St John’s College. Parkview and Greenside have also been very popular with Afrikaans-speaking households who are lured to the area by schools such as Jan Cilliers and Helpmekaar,” says Frikkie van Eeden, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Advantage in Rosebank. The draw of the schools seems to have lent stability to these areas, which means properties are less affected by market volatility – a win-win for parents and children.

The East Coast has its share of promising schools, as  Shane Pearson, Broker/Manager at RE/MAX Address in Hillcrest, attests. “Often, clients are drawn to the area purely owing to the lure of the top-quality private schools in the Upper Highway area, such as Kearsney College, St Mary’s, Thomas More, Curro and Highbury,”. He continues “Owing to entrance requirements based on proximity, many buyers with young families choose a suburb purely based on the schooling district they want to be in and will refuse to look at any properties that lie outside of these areas.”

School catchment areas will always be an alluring drawcard for property buyers, there will always be children who need good schooling, and with a property in a sought-after district, you’ll have a life-long investment.