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Gazing over the vast expanse of the majestic Atlantic Seaboard, home to the rich and famous, the cover girls and tycoons, the Berman Brothers admire their work. This is the ‘French Riviera’ of Africa, the playground of the world’s ‘it crowd’ and home to the fortunate few lucky enough to have it all.


Saul and Paul Berman are the two visionaries that make up the dynamic duo that has gradually transformed Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard into the economic and lifestyle hub that proudly stands at the base of Table Mountain, gazing over the sublime Atlantic Ocean. The Berman Brothers are trailblazers in the industry and have established a significant presence in the property development arena.


Growing up in Sea Point to humble beginnings with an early life fraught with difficulty by the loss of their father as well as severe financial hardships, Paul and his brother Saul soldiered on. They fought long and hard for their place in the sun by making their way through a sea of naysayers and countless hurdles in order to establish this property development giant in the Cape, with tentacles well into the rest of the country as well as to the rest of the world. The brothers have an undeniable bond and a genuine, mutual respect for one another that has no doubt forged the cornerstone of this family business. They respect each other’s strengths and thrive by specialising in what each of them do best.


‘’We do nothing without the relentless pursuit of absolute excellence and every development is meticulously designed way in advance in order to produce the best product in every aspect.”


As Paul skillfully steers the business helm, Saul is at the coal face; on site making sure, that each development runs like a well-oiled machine. Together the two have established a chic operation that fires at optimal efficiency. Their success, Paul attributes to a constant hunger for bettering themselves as well as their business.


Trailblazers in their field, the Berman Brothers are breaking new ground figuratively and quite literally every single day. With developments underway that are pinned to be new benchmarks for South Africa in terms of luxury residential spaces and never before seen projects, they will no doubt attract the attention of many a discerning local and international onlooker.


“Relationships are key. It’s an amazing accolade to have investors that follow us from development to development. The market trusts us and our products. They appreciate that it’s going to be a truly different product that’s going to be a cut above the rest, with exceptional quality, beautiful designs and a wonderful place to live.”


Reaching for the sky, their developments are more than just buildings. The Berman Brothers Group are creating masterpieces day by day and their art lies in their meticulous attention to detail coupled with a relentless passion for the pursuit of beauty. The world is yet to see the full potential of what the BBG has to offer; the sky is not their limit but instead only just the beginning.


“Our challenge is that we can’t do what’s normal. We need to be different and constantly striving above even our own best”


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