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 There are few areas that have withstood the rapid decline in property investments and even less that have continued to instil investor confidence – one of these being the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town.


While property prices fluctuate in any economy – good or bad – it is the Atlantic Seaboard that continues to project an upward trend when it comes to price growth and capital value appreciation. Studies have shown that housing prices have steadily declined since 2012 but in cases like the Atlantic Seaboard, prices have steadily remained on the incline. In the recent Prime International residential index 100 (PIRI 100) – which ranks the value of luxury homes in 100 key locations in the world – Cape Town’s luxury properties ranked second.


The luxury residential market in Cape Town has for years outperformed various wider markets, and in 2017 the property prices in the area increased by almost 20% which was well above cities like Seoul, Amsterdam and Aspen. So how does the Atlantic Seaboard continue to be a prime location for property investors?



With the numerous awards that the City of Cape Town continues to rake in, it has become a world-renowned holiday destination. With the tourism boom and the influx of visitors to the city, more people have invested in homes – first or second – in this world-class South African city and here’s why; a continued rise in tourists staying for holidays and extended periods has increased the need for high-end retail stores, more acclaimed restaurants and of course has attracted luxury brands to nest in places like, The Waterfront for example. This influx of luxury brands and lifestyle opportunities has significantly impacted the standard of living that investors on the Atlantic seaboard can experience.



The global investment landscape has welcomed Cape Town as a leader for the UHNWI’s (ultra-high-net-worth-individuals) investment market, mainly because of the floor space the city provides, which in comparison to Sydney, New York and London, is much greater in relation to the asking price. “South Africa is forecast to see a 20% uplift in its ultra-wealthy population over the next five years following a 14% rise in 2017.” This makes the investment opportunities in the Atlantic Seaboard an attractive choice for wealthy individuals in the industry.


In becoming a world-class tourist destination, The Mother City has continued to evolve with developments to meet the ever-growing demand for real estate in the Atlantic Seaboard. Before Cape Town was a high ranking tourist and luxury housing destination, The Berman Brothers began revolutionizing the industry. The Berman Brothers have continued to illuminate the Atlantic Seaboard and have given new life to investment property portfolios. The property industry in South Africa has reached an expected dip, however, The Berman’s, keep breaking original ground in Cape Town.  


The Berman Brothers Portfolio have introduced investors to real estate opportunities like no other. Their evergrowing book of experience in the industry has instilled confidence in the area and in the overarching lifestyle that has been a significant factor in the Atlantic Seaboard being an investors paradise.


Multiple factors, like space, location, and price contribute to real estate investments taking place, however, an important role that has contributed to the market in the Atlantic Seaboard, is what happens after you’ve purchased the property? After 24 years of experiencing excellence, The Berman Brothers offer investors “The Next Step”. The Next Step, which will continue to redefine the industry, focuses on helping clients complete their homes with a specialized, world-class customer after-sales care.


Looking at developments like The Kings, The Estate, Strand Beach and the first-of-its-kind in Africa, The Portfolio Cafe it is no wonder that real estate investments in the Atlantic Seaboard are in safe hands with the Berman Brothers. When you invest with the Berman Brothers, investors can be assured that they get Paul and Saul Berman – a lifetime guarantee. Continued development and experienced excellence with the Berman Brothers have made an investment in the Atlantic Seaboard a top choice in 2018 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



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