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What features to emphasise when showing a buyer your house.
Selling your home can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have the right estate agent to guide you through the process. Added to that, buyers are very aware of what they want and what features make a good house. This puts pressure on sellers to point out key areas of their property if they want to make the sale a painless and quick process.

A knowledgeable and experienced estate agent is vital to help a seller through the sale journey, as they will have valuable insights and knowledge of the property market. The estate agent will be able to provide the latest pricing information for the area and will know what features make a house unique and enticing to a buyer.

Here are the features to highlight when selling your home:

  • Location – while a buyer looking at the house may know exactly where it is located, it is important to point out other important features in the area. Tell them what shops are nearby, where the closest school is, how far the nearest bus stop is and if there is a clinic close by. Give them as much information about the surrounding area as you can. A centrally-located house is a positive selling point.
  • Security – South Africans are very concerned about security so point out all the features of your home that will make them feel safe. If you live in a gated community or golf estate, the buyer will be aware of this when they come see the house, but show them any extra security features. Electric fences, CCTV cameras, beams and motion detectors are the sorts of systems that buyers want pre-installed in a home.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is often a make-or-break feature of a home. People generally like large, well-equipped kitchens that have great finishings and lots of counter space. Make an effort to clean your kitchen, put dishes away and present it as an enjoyable space. If you have marble or granite countertops, point them out – buyers often emphasise the importance of having a lovely kitchen.
  • Green features – Many buyers are becoming more environmentally aware, especially in Cape Town. Not only are green features better for the environment, they can save the buyer money in the long run. Show them any solar geysers, heat pumps, rainwater tanks and greywater systems. Energy-efficient LED lights are also a good feature to highlight as they will cut down the buyer’s electricity bill.
  • Tech features – A lot of the newly-designed and developed homes now come with integrated tech systems and touchpads on the walls. These smart-home systems are a great element to highlight to the buyer. Another tech feature that everyone wants in their home is fast WiFi, preferably fibre optic networks.
  • Floorplan – A well-designed floorplan can make the house an easy space to navigate. If the kitchen opens up into the dining room, or the lounge flows out to the verandah – it will make the space seem more open and will make interactions easier with occupants in different rooms.
  • Entertainment areas – Most South Africans love a good braai or social gathering with their friends and families. This makes entertainment areas a key feature to highlight. Gazebos, firepits, pools and bar areas will be attractive features to a sociable buyer. Any space that is conducive to entertaining, even a nice living room, is something worth point out to the buyer.
  • Garden – Whether people like gardening or not, everyone enjoys having a private outdoor area. Ask buyers if they like growing their own vegetables or herbs, and point out spaces in the garden where this can be done. For those who don’t care much for gardening, tell them if a garden service is contracted to maintain the space.
  • Views – If you are lucky enough to have a view, make sure the buyer sees it. Stunning views are hard to come by, so make sure the curtains are open or the patio chairs are well-positioned to see the view on show days.

Getting to know the buyer a little while walking around the house is the best way to gain some insight into what features they’ll appreciate. Ask them questions about their cooking preferences, their work, their kids and anything that might be helpful to you when showing off the house. This will make sure you highlight the best features for the buyer and is likely to lead to a faster sale.


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