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Home Loans: 20-year vs 30-year term

It is crucial for all homeowners to understand the key differences between a 20 year and 30 year home loan. There are pros and cons to each term and deciding..

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Land Expropriation and Residential Property

Ever since the possibility of land expropriation (with or without compensation) hit mainstream media, it’s been shrouded in uncertainty and plagued by fearmongering. Will residential properties be subject to expropriation?..

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SARB cuts interest rate

SARB cuts interest rate, boosting property market

The local property market will get a boost after the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) announced that the interest rate will be slashed by 25 basis points. Furthermore, the repo..

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What are buyers looking for in property?

These features are attractive to property buyers.

The onslaught of media and public awareness around the water crisis have started to highlight the need for greener ways of living, but what else are property buyers looking for..

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