Strand Beach: The Legacy Continues

Infused with pose, presence and property perfection, the Berman Brothers effortlessly claim the title deed to the event of the year! This legacy event welcomed esteemed guests to the perfection..

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Offshore Property Investment

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) is currently tightening up and enforcing its laws regarding foreign assets that could affect UK income tax. This comes after it’s “requirement to correct”..

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Why SA’s Doing Better Than You Think

More often than not South Africa seems to get a bad rap. Sensationalist headlines, fear-mongers, conspiracy theorists, and more all paint a negative image of the Rainbow Nation and its..

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Land Expropriation and Residential Property

Ever since the possibility of land expropriation (with or without compensation) hit mainstream media, it’s been shrouded in uncertainty and plagued by fearmongering. Will residential properties be subject to expropriation?..

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Cryptocurrency and South African Real Estate

Since the creation of Bitcoin – generally accepted to be the first decentralised digital currency – almost ten years ago, questions abounded about the real value of cryptocurrency and whether..

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