Celebrating over 25 years of innovation under construction, commitment, consistency and persistence, The Berman Brothers have become synonymous with perfection, elegance and timeless luxury.

Paul and Saul Berman believe in creating masterpieces out of their developments and see great beauty in the individualistic design of a building that takes inspiration from its surroundings while always taking the space’s particular functional needs into account.

No two projects are the same and Paul and Saul maintain that they have left a piece of themselves in every development that they have created because of the amount of love and passion that they pour into each and every one of their masterpieces.

The Berman Brothers have a remarkable passion for the expansive vista that their 8th story panoramic office in the sky looks onto.

This is their playground which boats countless sightings of successful Berman Brothers developments; some long-established, some currently in progress as well as the limitless potential of those dream projects that are yet to be embarked upon.

“This little node on the Atlantic Seaboard is the South of France of Southern Africa.There is absolutely nothing to touch it elsewhere.” Paul Berman

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